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    Picture of Attitude All Purpose Spray 800mL
    Picture of 【特价清仓】Tommy 短袖衬衫
    Picture of 【特价清仓】Tommy 短袖衬衫
    Picture of 【特价清仓】Tommy 短袖衬衫
    Picture of 【特价清仓】Tommy 短袖衬衫
    Picture of Estee Lauder 雅诗兰黛 大蓝水 补水保湿 400ml
    Picture of Contigo 保温杯 414ML*2
    Picture of Contigo 保温杯 414ML*2
    Picture of Kaizen 100% Whey Isolate Vanilla 2kg
    Picture of 【保质期23年7月清仓特价】Organika Milk Thistle 250mg -90 Capsules

    【保质期23年7月清仓特价】Organika Milk Thistle 250mg -90 Capsules

    Our Milk Thistle has a powerful effect on the liver, providing protection against the damage that medications, foods, and stress due to overall health. It acts as a liver protectant, helping to improve liver function and enzyme production. It also helps improve detoxification and digestion. Milk thistle supplementation has been clinically proven as effective to reduce the damage of drug and alcohol related liver damage, cirrhosis, fibrosis and environmental toxins.
    Retail Price: $10.00
    Picture of 【保质期22年9月清仓特价】Organika Chanca Piedra 500mg -90 tablets

    【保质期22年9月清仓特价】Organika Chanca Piedra 500mg -90 tablets

    Diabetes, age, kidney stones and bladder complications are all risk factors linked to urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTI symptoms can include pain in the lower abdomen, cramps and burning sensations that affect daily activities. Sourced from the Phyllanthus niruri plant, Chanca Piedra is traditionally used in Ayurveda as a diuretic to help relieve mild UTIs and expel kidney stones. As suggested in multiple research studies, Chanca Piedra can help stimulate the production of bile that breaks up and expels gallstones.
    Retail Price: $13.00
    Picture of 【保质期22年9月清仓特价】Organika Garcinia Plus (Garcinia Fruit Extract Providing 60% HCA)- 90 Capsules

    【保质期22年9月清仓特价】Organika Garcinia Plus (Garcinia Fruit Extract Providing 60% HCA)- 90 Capsules

    Supports healthy glucose metabolism. Garcinia Plus supports healthy glucose and metabolism with a combination of Garcinia Cambogia, Bromelain, Chromium, and other components essential to metabolism and weight management.
    Retail Price: $13.00
    Picture of 【保质期22年11月清仓特价】Organika Goutrin 390mg- 150 Softgels

    【保质期22年11月清仓特价】Organika Goutrin 390mg- 150 Softgels

    One of the most powerful antioxidants produced by the body is uric acid. Abnormally high levels, however, can contribute to health issues such as gout. When the body produces above normal levels of uric acid, deposits of crystallized uric acid develop, causing swelling, redness and extreme pain. Organika‘s Goutrin Capsules medicinal ingredients include 30 mg of Vitamin C as a source of antioxidants. Research shows that vitamin C supplementation may lower serum uric acid. Celery, cherry, peppermint, and thyme contain several phytochemicals. As a source of the antioxidants from these healthful herbs, Organika‘s Goutrin Capsules helps to maintain good health. Supplement your nutritional regime with Organika‘s Goutrin Capsules to raise the antioxidant level in your body, thereby reducing the production of uric acid by the body. Enjoy the wealth of antioxidants in Organika‘s Goutrin Capsules.
    Retail Price: $13.00
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