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    Picture of After Bite Kids Gentle Cream 20G
    Picture of Afterbites 蚊虫止痒膏 三支装
    Picture of After Bite Powerful Preparation 20g
    Picture of After Bite Trusted Fomula 20g
    Picture of Afterbite Sensitive Insect Bite Treatment Kit Pack of 3
    Picture of Dr Bee Bee Propolis Salve Cream (Made in Canada) -15ml

    Dr Bee Bee Propolis Salve Cream (Made in Canada) -15ml

    Bee Propolis Bee Propolis can be used externally or internally for skin problems or for propolis's antiviral and antibacterial properties to boost your immune system. Propolis has the most antioxidants compared to other bee products like bee pollen, or royal jelly. There has been many studies linked to healing liver damage from common toxins, alcohol abuse, acetaminophen, and poor diet choices.
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