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    About CC MALL
    CC MALL is a service platform in the Greater Vancouver area that cooperates with local small and medium-sized enterprises to provide high-quality Canadian local products directly to the world. Customers can provide all subsequent procurement, packaging, logistics, customs clearance and delivery services through the online ordering platform. CC Mall international online shopping and delivery platform serves Canadian and foreign citizens, providing you with safe, confident, reliable and stable agent and express delivery services has always been the core concept of our company. Moreover, our CC MALL can not only meet the needs of customers in various fields, but also provide the most comprehensive, reasonable and considerate services, projects and contents. Our goal is to become a trustworthy and influential purchasing agent logistics bridge and one-stop diversified online shopping experience between Canada and other countries.

    Wide supply of goods
    A large number of local Canadian manufacturers and suppliers have entered CC Mall, and the platform is stocked with a large number of products at competitive prices. In addition, it is very convenient to provide buy and send-all local supermarkets, COSTCO, counter stores, outlet products and other free outsourcing buy and send, a comprehensive and considerate service, so that you can stay at home without leaving home, enjoy our generation for you Buying and mailing services, and our goods are very diverse, from milk powder, health products, clothes, cosmetics, personal items, counters, major brands, bags, shoes to electronic products, documents, and the only new outlet in Vancouver. On-site purchase and delivery services, etc.... (CC MALL is now acting for North American brands such as milk powder, health products, daily necessities, brand products, etc.)

    On-demand delivery service
    What if it takes too much time when you find everywhere to buy goods, check the goods, and send the goods? It doesn't matter, just ask us for CC MALL, and now a large number of local products are stationed in us-CC MALL international online shopping and mailing platform, we work hard to provide daily COSTCO, OUTLET and major counter shops, supermarkets and other agency services. It can solve all your problems of finding goods, buying goods and sending goods, so that you can place orders and send goods at any time, shopping, which is very convenient, so CC MALL is definitely your best choice!

    Purchasing team service process
    Our purchases are stationed at OUTLET and major supermarket stores every day from 12 pm to 4 pm, and select real-time discount product information of a large number of brands, and integrate the information into our WeChat group and WeChat albums, and provide free agency service! If customers need to place an order, they can contact customer service or directly use our CC MALL website platform to place an order for payment and delivery. Due to the limited quantity and time of discounted goods, please try to complete the order process before 6 o'clock on the same day to ensure that the purchase guarantee team can Instant purchase. After receiving the order, CC MALL will try to arrange the purchase on the same day and ship it on the same day.

    Tips: If customers and agents have their own brands or products that they want to view, or need us to buy any products other than OUTLET, they can send pictures to the purchasing staff during the daily purchase period. CC MALL will arrange our hard-working bees to go Help check the purchase*
    *On behalf of the purchase service to provide [on behalf of the purchase] and [collect from the store]*

    Apply to become a CC MALL agent
    If you have frequent purchases, you are welcome to join as an agent member for free, giving priority to preferential product information and lowest prices. For detailed information, please contact our customer service.
    In addition, our CC MALL also welcomes the entry of various products and brands, and implements double wins, allowing you to have a free own online store and share customer resources! For more information, please contact our customer service.

    CC MALL location
    The company has a well-known local express company (Canada Express), located in Union Square Shopping Centre, New City Plaza in Richmond, mainly providing local express delivery services to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan and other parts of the world , To ensure that we can provide customers with the best quality service and the most favorable freight, customers can also monitor the logistics situation throughout the process is safe and reliable!
    Address: 1126-8328 Capstan Way, Richmond, V6X 4B6, BC, Canada
    Telephone: 778-828-5128

    Note: All products sold in this shop are purchased by the team in person, and all can provide shopping receipts, which guarantee 100% authentic
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    Our mission: to become the most professional and best-serving e-commerce online shopping service platform.
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    CC MALL Thank you for your patronage! Looking forward to seeing you again!


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